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Each year, the Snitzer and Eschenroeder families provide the funding to bring clean water and reliable electricity to approx 10,000  Tanzanians.  These farming communities previously had no access to either!

Our first project, Mazengo Handali Village, Tanzania, Africa pictured above.

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You woke up tomorrow and had to walk 2 miles to get water. Water that’s brown and full of dangerious microbes and bacteria. And you had no access to reliable electricity.



200 feet underneath you there was an almost limitless supply of clean water and overhead 300 days of bright sunlight a year. If only you could harness this precious liquid and solar energy. With the help of our partner Innovation Africa(IA), an Israeli charity sponsored by the State of Isreal, we have.   


Innovation Africa (IA) has installed solar powered wells & attached storage towers to provide water/electricity to over 4.8 million Africans in 10 countries.  As part of these installations, water is distributed through underground piping and spigots throughout the villages.  In many cases IA installs new drip irrigation systems as well to improve crop yields. 


IA also does the upfront due diligence to determine if these projects will be feasible and the ongoing support to maintain the wells and repair if nessessary.  Each water tower & solar electricity generating station is monitored continually through a satellite uplink & supported by IA engineers if problems arise. 


For our projects, we supply the money, IA supplies the expertise and manpower.

Our first project Mazengo Handali

Pictured below is the well village residents have been using almost 2 miles away.  Not only is the water quality unfit for human consumption, carrying this dangerious liquid back to the village is no easy task.

Can this village be helped? Upfront leg work.  IA staff receives thousands of applications from villages each year for assistance. They need to select from that list based on two criteria. 

  1. Does the village have a viable existing farming economy and organized leadership that can be trained to maintain the installation with continued IA assistance?  

  2. Do soil borings confirm the existance of clean water beneath the village?


In this case, the answer to both questions was Yes!  Now to start construction!  Step 1: set up the drilling rig

Hitting water.  Success!

7 hitting water.jpg

Digging the foundation that will support the adjacent water tower. Members of the IA construction team shown below.

Town residents work to dig trenches that will support the underground piping distributing water through the village.

13 trench cropped.png

Our completed water tower with solar panels above power the water pumps and provide village electricity.

Isreal's Ambassador to Tanzania, Oded Joseph, dedicating the opening of our project and thanking Roger! "Water is life". Short 1 min video.

It doesn't get better than this.  

16 village thanking .jpg

Pictured below, 4 months after water arrives, Monica Mataruma a village mother of 7, shown working on the family's small farm. 

Monica Mataruma watering her vegetables.jpeg

Roger & Sharon Eschenroder pictured below with new friends!

What's Next

The Mazengo Handali Village, with 4,500 residents, was our first project completed in early 2021.  Shortly after the water tower installation, we began work on a drip irrigation system to further support the village farming community.  Since then, we have completed 5 more projects (providing water/electricity to almost 25,000 people). We about to start our next development later this year.  

If you'd like to learn more check out the Innovation Africa video below.  It's short, explains their history and the inspiring woman Sivan Ya'ari who founded the charity.  They also have a terrific website (link below).

Or contact us:,

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